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LUNA PLUS ONLINE took place in the fictional world of Blue Land. It used anime-style graphics and level-based progression. Skills were available according to the Job players chose on their Job Change quests, which took place at levels 20, 40, 75, 105 and 145. There were four classes: Fighter, Rogue, Mage and Combatant. Each one had its own Job Tree showing possible skills. Races affected how stats were assigned and what skills were available. At first, only two races could be chosen, Human and Elf. In order to play the Majin race, it was necessary to have a level 50 character first.

Each level-up awarded the player with 5 stat points. Players also received 10 skill points each time they leveled up. Each level increased the number of skill points received by 1.To unlock new skills or level them, stat points and gold were required.

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